Replacement CSS/RideLite™ Power Wire Kits for 2004-2007 Models

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Keep it going! Power up up your "vintage" RideLite™ with this replacement power wire kit- For our early 2004-2007 CSS/Impact Global model units only-Plugs directly into the back of the light head. This wire is 4ft in length and includes our "Pro-Power Smart" module (black box mid length). This module regulates, cleans & corrects all power voltage before entering into the light head which provides maxium light performance & longevity. Includes polarity protection for improper installs. Our New cold weather wire material remains flexible to endure harsh subzero temps! All internal Module componenets are also fully "Fused-Bonded" for added trail-tuff durabilty! This cord allows your RideLite™ to work on any make, model machine brand new or older that's DC or AC powered with or without a battery on board.

Kit includes 2 "scotch-lock" connectors.

*Note- If you are not sure what power wire you need simply email: to verfiy- we will quickly help get you "up & running" &  Riding-Lite again!

*Vermont purchases are subject to Vermont's state sales tax.

Replacement CSS/RideLite™ Power Wire Kits for 2004-2007 Models
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