Replacement CSS/RideLite™ Power Wire Kits for 2004-2006 Models

This item is now discontinued!!

Replacement Power Wire Kit- For 2004-2006 CSS/Impact Global model units only-Plugs directly into the rear of the light head. Wire is 4ft in length and includes our "Pro-Power" module. This module regulates, cleans/corrects all power before going into the light head to provide superior light performance! Includes polarity protection for improper installs. Our New "C2" wire material stays flexible to endure harsh subzero temps! All internal Module componenets are also "Fused-Bonded" for added trail-tuff durabilty! This cord allows your RideLite™ to work on any make, model machine that's DC or AC powered with or without a battery on board.

Kit includes 2 "scotch-lock" connectors.

*Note- To be sure you are ordering the correct wire kit view the power wire pictures- if your power wire has or had this type of right angle power pin end this is the correct power kit- if not order item#2699-PWRKT

*This Power Wire will Not fit new RideLite or CSS Profile Models

*Vermont purchases are subject to Vermont's state sales tax.

Replacement CSS/RideLite™ Power Wire Kits for 2004-2006 Models
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