Replacement 2007-2022 RideLite™ Power Wire Kit

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**This Power Wire Kit is for all 2007--2022 RideLites™!!

Replacement Power Wire Kit for all 2007 & 2022 RideLites™ (& 2007 CSS Profile models)- This power wire kit regulates, cleans/corrects all power going into the light head to provide superior light performance! It also includes a polarity module to protect the light head from damage due to an improper install. This wire allows our RideLites™ to work on any make, model machine that's DC or AC powered with or without a battery on board. This power is designed to flex & move to prevent wire fatigue or failure. All internal components are "Fuse-Bonded" to combat rough trails!

Our NEW C2 wire material stays flexible even at -45 degrees!

Wire is 4ft in lenght and also comes with 2 quick connect "scotch-lock" connecters.

(If your RideLite™ states CSS or Impact Global Industries on the top of the light head this power wire kit will Not fit/work.)

*Vermont purchases are subject to Vermont's state sales tax.

Replacement 2007-2022 RideLite™ Power Wire Kit
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